Who we are:
Self Centeredness Anonymous is a 12-Step Study group.
It was formed to help us surrender our character defects and negative emotions to our Higher Power. Doing this helps us to live a life of service, serenity and peace.

SCA Donations:
Self Centeredness Anonymous is a not for profit corporation established in Florida.
It is open to all who wish to be rid of the addiction of Self-Centeredness.
There are no dues or fees, but there are expenses.

PayPal: We have a donation webpage for SCA on the internet through PayPal.
The address is:
Please note that SCA pays a small percentage to PayPal for this service. 
The advantage of the PayPal method is that members can donate via credit or debit card.

Mailing Address: Payments sent to SCA via mail go to SCA in full. 
Send a donation through the mail to this address with (well wrapped bills or) check payable to 

Self Centeredness Anonymous, Inc.

513 N. Center St., Unit 4

Viroqua, WI  54665