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Below is the Invitation to a Free 12 step Workshop Webinar we recently held.

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Hello Everyone,
We are pleased to offer another free 12 Step Workshop Webinar on Saturday and Sunday May 17th and 18th this month. Together we will do the 12 steps and deepen our recovery, serenity and peace. This FREE 12 step webinar is open to all members of the 12 Step Community.

The meeting format is based on the Big Book and the historical research of Wally P.
It re-enacts the four 1-hour beginners meetings that were so effective in the 1940s. The webinar will be done in terms of alcohol, (although it is sponsored by Self Centeredness Anonymous).
All participants are invited to mentally substitute their own addictive or compulsive behavior if it’s not alcohol.

We will not just talk about the 12 Steps; we will do them together, just as the AA pioneers did back in the early days.

The workshop will take place Saturday and Sunday May 17 and 18 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern Time. This should give ample time to experience the recovery power of the four 1-hour sessions and allow time for questions and stretch breaks.

If these dates do not work for you, you will have other opportunities to participate. We are expecting to repeat this workshop periodically.

On Saturday May 17th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Eastern we will do Steps 1 through 4 and prepare for Step 5.

Between the meetings on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, workshop participants will do Step 5 with a sponsor or sharing partner.

On Sunday May 18th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm Eastern we complete Steps 6 through 12.

To Participate:
A simple phone line will enable you to take the workshop successfully.

However, to participate most fully you will need a computer with internet access and a telephone connection, either land line or cell phone.

Participants with computers and telephone connection will be invited to participate by reading Big Book quotes off the slides that will be shown. They will also see the pictures and diagrams that are part of the workshop.

It is also possible to attend using only a computer and internet connection.  In this case you will be in “Listen Only Mode”.  You will see the slides. You will listen over “VOIP” and be able to participate and ask questions through the chat box.

Register to Reserve Your Seat:
Send an email to:
12 step Gail (at) gmail (dot) com stating that you are committing to attend the entire workshop – both days. (All 12 steps are important.) Please let us know in the email if you are willing and able to participate in reading the Big Book quotes. “Readers” must connect to the workshop with both computer and telephone. We deeply appreciate the participation of the readers in helping to make the workshop possible.

Applications to attend must be received before 9am Eastern Time Friday May 16th. If you apply after that we will send you an email invitation to the next workshop when it gets scheduled. People who have attended before are very welcome to attend again but please apply and make the commitment to attend the whole workshop like everyone else.

The webinar technology will accommodate about 200 participants. We expect everyone who applies on time will be able to attend. You are welcome to share this invitation with others.

You will eventually be sent an email giving you your personal access code and instructions for how to join. Please do not share that email with others. In that personal email you will also receive a link that will enable you to download and print the workshop handouts. Please bring the handouts with you to the workshop.

Be sure to “white list” 12 step Gail (at) gmail (dot) com with your email program to ensure that you receive your acceptance email.

Since we actually do all 12 Steps, everyone will need a sponsor or sharing partner to do Step 5 and help with Steps 8 and 9. Ideally, your usual sponsor or sharing partner will also be attending the workshop.

If you need a sponsor or sharing partner for the workshop, you will have an opportunity at the end of Saturday afternoon to be assigned a sharing partner of the same gender.

Bring honesty and courage.
Bring paper and pencil.
Bring the workshop handouts.

You may wish to have your Big Book with you, although it is not required.
Prepare snacks for yourself to have during the stretch break if that will make you more comfortable.

We look forward to participating with you in this Recovery Workshop. 

Gail S and Larry S

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